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About Kimberly 

Kimberly Day Food Addiction Expert
Speaker, Author, Blogger, Mother  


For Kimberly, natural health and nutrition were learned at an early age, at the hand of her grandmother, Virginia Bannister. 

Virginia opened the first General Nutrition Center (now GNC) outside of Pittsburgh, PA, before going on to open her own health food stores in Erie, PA. Starting at the age of 11, Kimberly worked in her grandmother’s store, talking about the benefits of sprouts, whole grain breads, carob, and juicing.

After college, Kimberly pivoted her way from a Master of Arts to penning commercials for radio and television, and then to writing press releases, talking points, journal articles, and speeches for the American Academy of Ophthalmology in California.


In addition to winning the “Best Television Commercial” by the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters and the “Silver Medal” for Excellence in Public Relations by the Bulldog Reporter, Kimberly has worked with several celebrities to help promote eye health, including NFL tackle Jermane Mayberry, actor/singer Mandy Patinkin, and 1999 Miss America Nicole Johnson.

However, her true passion—natural health and nutrition—brought her back to her roots. For the past 15 years, Kimberly has worked with many of the most notable experts in the natural and alternative health field and written thousands of health-focused articles. She co-authored Hormone Revolution with Dr. Susan Lark, served as ghostwriter to Eat Papayas Naked (for Dr. Lark), and was a founding contributor to Her third book, Feeding Your Addiction, is due out in Fall 2017. It is her premier as the sole author.  Kimberly spoke with ABC News' Erie PA. affiliate Jet 24 in March of 2018 about identifying and combating food addiction.
Click here to see the interview. 

Kimberly has researched health and natural solutions for nearly every condition under the sun, including:

·Heart health






·Skin care

Kimberly put her research, writing, and early experience in the natural health arena into action when she created and ran health and fitness boot camps with celebrity trainer Jackie Warner, star of Bravo TV's Workout. She continued bringing her latest findings, insights, and personal experiences in her blog Confessions of a Food Addict, which she has been writing for more than six years. The blog is a product of Kimberly’s own experience as a food addict in recovery.

“Despite my early years and family immersion in natural health and nutrition, I have a long history of using food as a drug,” explains Kimberly. “I went through periods in high school and college where I would go through periods of not eating or watching every calorie, almost to the point of borderline anorexia, then turned to bulimia in my early 20s, then moved to straight binging without purging in my early 30s.”

In order to help other people develop healthy relationships to food, Kimberly decided to share her story and her journey the best way she knew how—through writing and speaking. It is her belief that by sharing her pain as well as her success, she can help others come out of the darkness, shed the secrets, and name what she believes is America’s most rampant—and most misunderstood—addiction.

While Kimberly writes and speaks about food and nutrition from several angles—addiction, body image, coping mechanisms, raising body-healthy children—her message is ultimately always the same. You CAN overcome your past and look forward to an incredible and healthy future.


A hiking, triathlon, and reality-TV enthusiast, Kimberly lives in Potomac, MD, with her husband and daughter.

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