Recommended Readings 

Life By The Cup

By: Zhena Muzyka

Life by the Cup, by Zhena Muzyka, not only contains Zhena’s incredible journey from
single motherhood with just $20 in her bank account to a multi-million dollar business
that is committed to health, happiness, fair-trade, the environment and the reality that a
business can have a heart and soul as well as a bottom line.

Even if you are not a tea drinker, you may be moved to become one as you turn each
page. The loving descriptions of the teas in each chapter, their history, their medicinal use
and the lyrical way the flavors of the tea dance on your tongue are pure beauty.
Life by the Cup is a truly remarkable read. It’s like a memoir, a self-help book and a
conversion with a friend all wrapped up in one cozy mug.

Pandora's LunchBox

By: Melanie Warner

It’s no secret that processed foods are bad for you. In fact, virtually every diet plan out
there tells you to avoid or at least limit processed foods. But what is processed food,
exactly? And, more importantly why is it so bad for us?
These are the questions that are answered in an incredibly engaging and thoroughly well
researched manner in Pandora’s Lunchbox.
I started this book with, what I thought, was a good understanding of processed foods,
how that was defined, and why it was so bad for you. Thanks to Warner’s tireless
research, fantastic ability to weave the topic into more of a story-telling type of style and
her painstaking search for the people actually creating these foods, Pandora’s Lunchbox
feels like a summer read with a limitless impact on your health, your family’s health and
the reality of health and nutrition in our country.

The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous

The “12 and 12” is a staple for any food addict. Based on the 12 steps used in AA, the
OA version walks you through the 12 steps for food addiction and compulsive
overeating. I saw myself in virtually every description and explanation of each step and
took comfort that I am far from alone in the struggle with food addiction. This book has
been my lifeline for moving “beyond the food to a happier, healthier life.”

For Today

By: OA

For someone like me, with limited time and an even more limited attention span, I love
For Today. These one-page takes on food addiction start with a quote and end with a goal
for the day, with a powerful lesson in between.
It is a must-have for anyone struggling to be food sober, as it holds your hand and walks
you through your disease literally one day at a time.

Alcoholics Anonymous: The Big Book

It’s the bible for any addict. Whether your issue is alcohol, food, drugs, sex, etc., this
book gives you the tools, the support, and the motivation to overcome your drug of
choice. Best of all, it shows you that you are far from alone in your struggle, and that
hope is right there, in the palm of your hand.

The Whole 30

By: Melissa and Dallas Hartwig

I love the concept behind this book! The goal is to devote just 30 days to changing how
you eat so you can change how you feel. I’ve always maintained that anyone can do
virtually anything for 30 days. But the best part is once you start to see your waistline
drop and your cravings fall away, you’ll want to keep eating this way long after the 30
days is up.
The Whole 30 is basically Paleo on steroids. There’s ZERO sugar allowed, not even
stevia or honey. It really focuses on protein and veggies, with minimal fruit. Given this,
it’s definitely NOT an option for vegans.
My two favorite things about this book are the tone and the recipes. It is written very
directly and super down-to- earth. It’s downright funny in parts! And the recipes! Are you
kidding me! The homemade sausage patties with sautéed onions and mashed sweet
potatoes are a weekly staple.
If you are looking for an easy, step-by- step plan for sugar- and grain-free eating, give The
Whole 30 a try!

Wheat Belly

By : Dr. William Davis

Where this book really stands out is the thorough research and painstaking care Dr. Davis
takes to explain the medical changes wheat causes in your body. (Hint: It’s a highly
digestible type of glucose, which increases blood sugar levels higher than straight sucrose
itself.) Plus, wheat has been shown to have addictive properties, so the more you eat, the
more you want to eat.
By the end of the book, I was convinced that dropping the wheat not only made sense,
but was critical for true health. Thankfully, the book also contains how-tos and recipes to
help you make the transition from gluten to great health, without falling into the trap of
substituting pancakes and bagels with gluten-free options.
Whether you are already gluten-free or need that push to make the change, you’ll find
Wheat Belly to be your teacher and your guide.

The Blood Sugar Solution

By : Dr. Mark Hyman

I’m a big fan of Dr. Hyman and have been fortunate enough to work with him in the past
as a writer. I was first introduced to him via his previous book The UltraSimple Diet,
which is basically a very detailed, scripted out 7-day detox
In The Blood Sugar Solution, Dr. Hyman lays out a 6-week plan to balance your blood
sugar levels by addressing seven keys of health: nutrition, detox, digestion, inflammation,
hormone balance, boosting energy, and reducing stress. The net result is weight loss and
health gain!

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