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I met Kimberly as a patient to help her deal with a couple of emotional triggers. During that time, she started working a 12-step program addressing food addiction. Her devotion to the topic and her approach to overcoming food addiction, body issues, and her own emotional balance was inspiring. In fact, I even suggested that a few of my patients speak with her directly regarding food addiction and how they can start to develop healthy relationships to food and their bodies. -- Barbara C, LCSW-C



I met Kim as a writer for Passport Magazine while I was writing a feature story on her and Jackie Warner's Sky Lab workout experience. I found Kim to not only be knowledgeable in the world of health and nutrition but she had a genuine care and concern for the clients she worked with. With nutrition, health and fitness at the top of most people's minds, I think it's important to find someone that can speak to your questions and concerns with first hand knowledge and compassion, just like Kim does! – Jason G.

Kimberly's passion for healthy, delicious food, coupled with her ongoing quest to promote wellness, come through in every aspect of her business. From the recipes on her web site, to the celebrity fitness events she's sponsored with Jackie Warner, to her candid blog posts, she's a welcomed voice that certainly deserves to be heard. – Gail D.

I always thought I knew a lot about being healthy, but Kim amazes me with what she knows. What I really love about her is the way she combines health with pleasure and enjoyment. Honestly, it doesn't get any better than that! Kim is a perfect role model because she lives it - healthy and also an innovative and gourmet cook. Kim is also a joy to work with - great personality, very professional, knows how to meet deadlines, and fun. Kim - when can I come to dinner? – Janet L.

Kimberly, you are the freakin best!!!! I weighed in tonight at my TOPS (take off pounds sensibly) meeting and I lost another 5.6 pounds. That’s 13 weeks straight of losing. And I won the summer’s best loser contest with 17/4 pounds. Just since I spoke to you, I have lost 10.4 of that. I cannot thank you enough. You have truly been an asset to me in the nutrition part of this health puzzle I’ve bee struggling to put together, and I look forward to learning more next week. Thank you so much!!!!! – Aprile P

“I just wanted to say how much I truly appreciated your support. I don’t know what I would have done without your encouragement and kind demeanor… Every time I start to slow down, I hear your voice saying, “Don’t stop, you can do it, keep going,” so I continue on. Since I have been home I have lost an additional four pounds. I feel like its just starting to melt off. I have been sugar free, wheat free and dairy free… It’s been pretty easy.” – LisaMarie H.

Kim truly inspired me to get on the right path of nutrition, she really cares about making a positive impact in her clients lives, and that makes all the difference in the world! – Nichole L.

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